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Dentures in Simpsonville, SC

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Our assistant, Kalea, in the Palms dental office holding dentures while smiling

Achieve a Fuller Smile with Quality Dentures

At Palms Dentistry, we use world-class materials to create natural-looking restorations.

Our assistant, Kalea, in the Palms dental office holding dentures while smiling

The loss of a large number or all your teeth can have a significant impact on not only your oral health but your quality of life as well.

Missing teeth can prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods and can also quickly result in a prematurely aged appearance.

Whether you are in need of dentures for the first time or you need to have your current dentures relined, let our experienced dentists in Simpsonville, SCLearn more about our dentist take care of you.

Discover the Right Option for You

Our denture solutions.

Dentures can address many of the problems patients who are partially or fully lacking teeth. At Palms DentistryVisit our homepage for more, we offer a few different options to meet each patient’s unique needs.

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Partials Dentures

Removable dentures are one of the more common options to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures can replace a large number of missing teeth throughout the upper or lower jaw. Generally, a partial attaches to nearby teeth via metal clasps.

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Full Dentures

Full dentures can replace an entire row of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw (or both). These are held in place either with natural suction (for hard palate upper dentures) or with adhesive (for open palate upper and lower dentures). They are crafted from durable material and typically feature artificial teeth attached to an acrylic artificial gum piece.

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Permanent Dentures

For patients wanting more stability and simpler at-home oral care, dentures affixed to a series of strategically placed dental implants are an ideal option. Implant-supported dentures are available in both partial and full options.

"They Provided Me with Such Great Care."
Hear about Amanda's experience.

‘‘I have had nothing but professionalism from them in the past two years. They know who I am when I walk in. They are amazing from the front desk to the hygienist to all the dentists. I have seen almost every one of the dentists in the practice, and I absolutely adore them all.’’

Amanda B. (Palms Patient)

The Damaging Effects of Missing Teeth

Protect your health before it's too late!
An elderly patient smiling at the Palms dental office while waiting for new dentures

Missing even just one tooth can cause a cascade of oral health complications, so missing a large number or all your teeth can present even more problems.

First, missing teeth severely limits your diet: You can no longer enjoy tough, hard, or crunchy foods because you lack the teeth to chew them properly. Most people with missing teeth find themselves turning to soft foods, which may be lacking in nutrients.

Second, your jawbone will begin to shrink: Because your teeth are no longer there to keep the bone healthy and strong, it quickly deteriorates. If you have some remaining teeth left, this can lead them to shift out of alignment. It can also lead to additional tooth loss.

Whether you have any teeth left or not, a shrinking jawbone can cause your lips to turn inward, and other facial tissues to sag and collapse. As a result, you may look years (even decades) older than you are.

An elderly patient smiling at the Palms dental office while waiting for new dentures
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