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Porcelain Veneers in Simpsonville, SC

Your dream smile is one call away.

Achieve Picture-Perfect Teeth With Veneers

Talk, laugh, and smile with confidence.
Portrait of a woman with porcelain veners

Are you unhappy with your smile?

Porcelain veneers may be the solution you’ve been looking for. They’re custom-made from thin shells of porcelain material that bond to the front surfaces of your natural tooth.

Veneers fix many smile flaws, including:

  • Undersized teeth
  • Discolored, stained, or dull teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • And more!

It’s one of the top cosmetic dentistry procedures that give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to see what’s possible to transform your smile, schedule a complimentary consultation with our Simpsonville dental office.

Why You’ll Love Your New Veneers

It gives you the smile you’ve always wanted.
Increased Confidence
You won’t be able to stop smiling. Veneers reduce the appearance of aging, giving you a youthful glow. Enjoy bright, white, and healthy teeth for years to come.
Natural Looking
Porcelain veneers are shade-matched to your surrounding teeth, blending in flawlessly. And the best part? They may look natural, but they don’t stain as regular teeth would!
Personalized Treatment
No two patients are the same. We work carefully with you to craft your veneers to create a smile just for you.

Why You’ll Love Porcelain Veneers

It’s the smile you’ve been waiting for.
Our dentist in Simpsonville working with a patient

Our talented Simpsonville cosmetic dentists at Palms Dentistry provide high-quality veneer treatments.

Taking a patient-focused approach, we listen carefully to your needs and want to ensure we’re providing the best care possible.

Our dental office works to make sure your visit is relaxing and comfortable by offering:

  • A welcoming environment: Our warm and inviting atmosphere begins when you walk in the door, with our caring staff and homey decor.
  • Modern technology: Investing in high-quality dental equipment means you’ll experience more efficiency and better results during your cosmetic procedures.
  • Expert care: Our skilled dentists stay on top of the newest techniques by continuing education, so you have an amazing smile makeover.

See how else we go above and beyond for you.

‘‘This is the best experience I have had with a dentist. From the moment you enter the waiting area, you are warmly greeted with smiling faces and never left waiting. Every appointment I've had always starts at the allotted time, they see to what I need and I don't feel neglected at all. The work I've had has been spot on and painless, which was something I appreciated. I recommend anyone reading this and looking for a dentist to call Palms Dentistry in Simpsonville, these guys are awesome!’’

Miakai R., 5 Star Google Review

How Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

Getting a new smile is easier than you think!

  • Step 1
    After your initial consultation, we’ll gently reshape your tooth enamel to prepare you for your veneers. Our expert team will take impressions of your teeth and send them to our partner cosmetic dentistry lab.
  • Step 2
    Once the lab receives your impressions, they’ll use high-quality porcelain material to carefully craft your veneers to complement your unique characteristics, like your facial features and personality.
  • Step 3

    While waiting for your custom-made veneers, you’re given temporary veneers to test drive your new smile.

  • Step 4
    The lab sends the finished veneers back and we’ll place them over the front surface of your teeth and adjust them to your desired fit. When you feel like it’s perfectly placed, we’ll securely bond it to your teeth, and you’ll walk out of our office with newfound confidence.
Dazzle The World With Your New Smile
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