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Dentistry, the Right Way
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A girl in Palms Dentistry playing with some toy teeth while smiling and looking up
Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s precious smile is important to us, which is why starting a good dental health routine early is extremely important.

The American Academy of Pediatric DentistryOpens a new window to the AAPD website recommends parents schedule their children’s first dental exam by their first birthday.

Early dental visits to Palms DentistryLearn more about our dentists on the homepage help to establish, not only great oral hygiene, but also great at-home care. Following a solid routine will help reduce future dental problems and keep your child’s mouth healthy.

Visiting the dentist can be stressful for anyone, especially a young child. With our amazing and gentle team by your side, there is nothing to fear. We provide a comfortable, positive attitude, and take everything at your child’s pace.

We are very sensitive to your children’s needs while making sure they are having a fun and relaxing experience. By building a trusting relationship with your children, we can ensure their oral development stays on the right path.

A young woman with long brown hair at the Palms Dentistry dental office smiling and looking up
Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal or gum disease is a condition, which can damage your smile and overall health. It’s caused by the build-up of plaque and tartar above and below your gum line, and if not treated early, it can result in bone and tooth loss.

Some common early symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Red, swollen gums

  • Chronic bad breath

  • Bleeding gums

  • Increased tooth sensitivity

Our brilliant and talented team at Palms DentistryLearn more about our dental team is able to diagnose and treat periodontal disease before it becomes severe.

Firstly, we safeguard your family’s periodontal health by offering professional cleanings to remove the harmful bacteria. Secondly, we educate you and your family on the importance of daily oral hygiene and create a plan of best practices.

Finally, if the damage is more severe, we also offer deep professional cleanings (known as scaling and root planing).

No matter your family’s situation, let us help your gums regain their true health!

A woman's teeth seen closely with a small mirror of the dentist
Metal-Free Fillings

Cavities can appear at any moment of life. At Palms Dentistry, we are prepared to help you fight back! Our skilled dentistsLearn more about our dentist offer metal-free fillings to protect your teeth and stop cavities in their tracks.

When you experience a cavity, your tooth’s structure and integrity may be at risk. As a solution, we’ll place a metal-free composite filling to the affected area. This natural-looking restoration prevents the cavity from becoming more significant and causing more damage.

Unlike silver fillings, composite fillings bond to the surface of your tooth (for greater strength) and match the color of your natural teeth (for greater beauty).

With a more natural look and healthy teeth, you and your family can continue to smile with confidence.

Our sedation service at Palms Dentistry showing a young woman in the dentist chair while an assistant wearing pink gloves touches her head
Sedation Dentistry

Our philosophy is “judgment-free dentistry in a relaxing environment.” Therefore, we are extremely sensitive to our patients’ needs and comfort. With this in mind, we are here to help you and your family remain calm and relaxed throughout any procedure.

We understand many people feel nervous before having a dental procedure or visiting the dentist. But with sedation dentistry, all these fears can be a thing of the past!

Our trained professionals offer various forms of sedation, including inhaled, oral, and intravenous. Each solution has been designed to minimize feelings of fear and anxiety while helping you stay calm.

Let us make your family’s dental visit a positive and relaxing experience! Please contact our office for more information about each sedation option.

An older redhead woman looking in a mirror in the Palms Dentistry office
Crowns and Bridges


A dental crown is needed when a tooth is severely decayed or cracked due to trauma or decay. Crowns are used to restore your tooth’s function, stability, and beauty.

Acting like a tooth cap, this restoration protects your tooth from bacteria, blends in with your smile, and provides extra strength to a damaged tooth. Our crowns are custom-made to fit over the affected tooth and seal it off from bacteria or further damage.

Our office may be able to create a beautiful crown for you in just one visit with CEREC® same-day technologyOpens a new window to the official website. Please ask your dentist for more information.


If you are missing a tooth, a dental bridge could be the ideal solution for you. A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth placed attached to two crowns. The crowns are carefully placed over the natural, healthy teeth on either side of the vacated gap. The artificial tooth then fills in the gap to create a fuller, more beautiful, and more functional smile.

A young woman being checked by the dentist while lying down and looking up

An extraction may be needed to keep your smile free from oral disease or to prepare your mouth for future dental procedures. Our dentistsLearn more about our family dentists only recommend removing a tooth when absolutely necessary.

No matter the reason for your extraction, you can be sure we are here to help and not to judge. With our team’s gentle touch and professional skills, your experience will be comfortable and pain-free. Plus, we can provide you with restorative options too!

Our TMJ services showing a long-haired young woman with jaw pain while placing her hand on her cheek

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems are common issues that can occur when this specific joint (which is in the jaw), becomes inflamed or damaged.

Stress, teeth grinding, clenching, trauma, or something as simple as poor posture can cause TMJ disorders. Since these disorders can lead to more serious conditions, early detection and treatment are vital.

At Palms Dentistry, our doctors use modern technology to diagnose any TMJ disorders and focus on non-invasive treatment options to stop and prevent further jaw pain.

Our experience and skills can make a difference in your treatment and provide pain relief.

A young woman sleeping soundly in her bed, while recharging her head on her pillow
Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea causes your regular breathing to be interrupted while you sleep. The muscles in the back of your throat collapse and thus fail to keep your airway open. As you can imagine, sleep apnea can potentially be a life-threatening disorder due to a lack of oxygen and airflow to your brain.

Some common sleep apnea symptoms can be:

  • Snoring

  • Restless sleep

  • Excessive weight

  • Pauses in breathing (while asleep)

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

Our outstanding team is here to help you fight sleep apnea through the use of non-invasive, custom-made mouth appliances. These appliances are designed to keep your airway open while allowing you the comfort of a good night’s sleep.

Call Us in an Emergency!
When you have a dental emergency, we are by your side.

Accidents happen unexpectedly and can be a source of stress and anxiety. Remember, you are not alone; we are here to help.

Seeking immediate treatment could save your tooth, prevent further issues, and provide immediate relief from painful conditions. Please don’t hesitate to call us now!

Meet Your Greenville Dentists

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Dr. Jeff Weaver a Greenville SC Dentist
Dr. Jeffery Weaver

From a young age, Dr. Jeffrey Weaver knew he wanted to work in the medical field. Inspired by several dentists he knew growing up, he decided to pursue dentistry. He found he loved the blend of art and science that dentistry offers, as well as the ability to change peoples’ lives through his craft.

Today, he takes pride in helping patients achieve their goals, whether it is eliminating pain, preventing further dental problems, or creating a beautiful smile they’ve always desired. Dr. Weaver is known for his compassionate care. Patients love that he is a great listener and takes the time to connect with them and explain all their options in a way that makes sense.

Dr. Weaver was born in Springfield, OH, and graduated with a BA in Zoology from Miami University (Ohio)…Opens in new window to Miami University homepage…. From there, he continued his training and graduated from Ohio State University College of Dentistry…Opens in new window to Ohio State University College of Dentistry homepage… with his DDS.

Dr. Weaver is well versed in the field of dentistry: he has previously owned two dental practices and has over 20 years of experience. He is very excited to be joining the Palms Dentistry family at our Greenville, SC location.

He is also a member of several organizations, including:

Dr. Weaver is a proud husband and father of two grown children. Outside the office, he enjoys painting, playing the piano, reading, and traveling.

Dr. Brian Derrick a Greenville SC Dentist
Dr. Brian Derrick

Dr. Brian Derrick is a Medical Director and Partner at Palms DentistryLearn more on our homepage. He graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2003 with a doctorate of medical dentistry (DMD). In 1996, he graduated from Presbyterian College with a Bachelor of Biology.

He got an early interest in dentistry at a young age when he would use dental tools to clean the teeth of the fossils of whales at the Charleston Museum.

Since 2003, he has called the upstate his home. Dr. Derrick and his wife, Dee, enjoy spending time with their kids, Hunter and Lauren. In their spare time, you will find them out on the boat or walking their Brittany Spaniel, Capers.

Dr. Derrick prides himself on spending time with his patients and listening to their concerns. He always tries to make each dental experience a positive one and completely free of judgment.

He is a member of multiple esteemed dental organizations, including:

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