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Cosmetic Dentistry in Simpsonville, SC

Giving your smile the help it needs.

Teeth Whitening

Feel confident, look great, and love your smile.
A young woman showing her smile in a mirror while placing her hand under her chin

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice when they meet you, and we want you to feel confident and proud of your smile!

If you feel your smile has become faded due to stained or discolored teeth, then professional teeth whitening is an excellent option for you.

This noninvasive and simple treatment is used to enhance the color of your natural teeth and is an ideal way to make your beautiful smile bright and eye-catching.

Our teeth whitening process can lighten your smile by several shades easily and safely. Quit being concerned about the color of your teeth and begin to enjoy the beauty of your smile.

At Palms DentistryVisit our homepage, we work hard to help you achieve the smile of your dreams with advanced cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers

Unleash the power of a gorgeous smile.
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Do you suffer from crooked, stained, cracked, or broken teeth? This can have a negative impact on your everyday life and in the way you feel about your smile. If you are feeling self-conscious every time you laugh or speak, then porcelain veneers could be the ideal solution for you!

Our veneers are thin shells made out of tooth-colored porcelain. These cosmetic shells are placed over your teeth to correct any flaws.

The first step in this procedure is to trim your tooth’s enamel in a pain-free manner. Then, our expert team will take impressions of your teeth and send the data to our partner cosmetic dentistry lab. We only use quality dental labs with exceptional reputations to manufacture your veneers, and they do so to your exact specifications.

Once the veneers are back, your cosmetic dentist in Simpsonville, SCLearn more about our cosmetic dentists will place them over your teeth and adjust as needed to achieve the right fit. When the look is just right, the veneers are placed on your teeth and securely bonded.

With a real eye for detail and extensive knowledge, our team at Palms Dentistry can produce a confident-inspiring smile.

Close-up of a blonde woman's smile after a cosmetic dentistry appointment
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‘‘They are always courteous and kind and provide great dental services.’’

Sue P. (Palms Patient)

Dental Bonding

Are you ready to steal the spotlight?
Close-up of a woman's smile after a cosmetic dentistry appointment

Dental bonding can be an excellent solution for you if your teeth are chipped, fractured, discolored, or stained.

Through the application of a tooth-colored composite resin, we can sculpt your smile to be the best version it can be.

This technique is considered a more conservative approach for damaged teeth, as bonding requires virtually no preparation and produces exceptional results.

During the process, tooth-colored resin is layered onto your natural teeth while your cosmetic dentist artistically shapes the resin into a beautiful smile. When you are happy with the size, shape, and color of your teeth, your dentist will polish your smile for a stunning finish.

Our Simpsonville dentists are determined to bring back your confidence, so you can feel at ease while enjoying your day-to-day activities.

Laser Dentistry

Get a flawless smile with no compromise.
A blonde woman using her finger to show her gums in a mirror after her cosmetic dentistry appointment

At our office, we utilize leading-edge laser dentistry. We use this minimally invasive, state-of-the-art technology when you require gum contouring, cavity treatment, or other oral issues. During your laser dentistry procedure, you won’t feel any vibrations or discomfort like you would from a conventional dental drill. Rather, your treatment will be painless, smooth, and comfortable. What’s more, laser dentistry offers more precise outcomes, which greatly reduces healing time so you can enjoy your new smile. Other benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Less sutures required
  • Less gum damage
  • Less blood loss

In some instances, laser dentistry prevents the need for any anesthesia too!

With this noninvasive method, you can enjoy comfort, excellence, and great care – the perfect combination we want to achieve for all our patients.

A blonde woman using her finger to show her gums in a mirror after her cosmetic dentistry appointment
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